Career opportunities

The Danish Maritime Authority offers career opportunities both in Denmark and abroad.

You can, inter alia, challenge yourself with a job as an attaché or a national expert. Through skill development and diverse career opportunities, we would like to encourage our employees to develop and contribute to the development of the Danish Maritime Authority. We focus on our employees' skill development and a dialogue between the boss and the employee is to ensure a good basis for the development of each individual employee. If you are employed by the Danish Maritime Authority, you are a part of the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and here there is also a possibility of being redeployed internally.

Opportunities abroad

Employment in a position abroad for a number of years may present a chance of being challenged internationally and professionally. For some it may be a wish to experience a change in everyday life and an appetite for getting to know another work culture that makes them apply for a position abroad. Others are driven into an international career by the desire to get closer to the place where decisions are made.

At the moment, the following positions are held by employees from the Danish Maritime Authority: 

  • Attaché at the EU representation in Brussels
  • Attaché at the Royal Danish Embassy in Washington

Furthermore, ship surveyors are stationed around the world for shorter periods of time.


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