Hiring proces

Here you can read about the procedure if you apply for a job with the Danish Maritime Authority.

Once we have decided to advertise a vacancy, we will establish an appointment committee to decide on the employment procedure together with the human resources division. Typically, the appointment committee consists of a director, a future colleague of the new employee and an employee from the human resources division. Vacancies are always posted on our Danish website, Jobnet, Job-i-staten and relevant webpages. When the deadline for applications expire, the appointment committee will select candidates for an interview.

If you are among the applicants whom we would like to see for an interview, we will contact you by phone or by email. Usually, we have only one interview with each applicant, but sometimes we will need to see one or two of the applicants for a follow-up interview.

In connection with an interview, you can choose to see the personnel policy of the Danish Maritime Authority.

A good closing for everybody

The appointment committee decides whom to hire and the amount of wages to be offered. If we decide to hire you, you will be contacted by telephone and an employee from the human resources division will offer you the position and negotiate the wages. Subsequently, you will be informed about the name and telephone number of the relevant shop steward and receive a letter of appointment.

The human resources division will forward refusals to the applicants who have not been invited for an interview. The relevant director phones the applicants who have been invited for an interview without being offered the position. This is done to give the applicant more elaborate feedback and round off the conversation in a manner that is pleasant for both parties.


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