Sailing small vessels

​​​​Fortunately, there are many yachtsmen in Denmark. And irrespective of whether they have been at sea for 20 years or have just started recently, it is important with a high level of safety.

In Denmark, all yachtsmen are permitted to navigate a vessel with a hull length below 15 metres. If your boat is longer than 15 metres or it is a speedboat, you must have completed the right training programmes and have acquired the right certificates, such as a speedboat certificate.

If you are about to organise, for example, a canoeing trip, teaching of pupils or an event voyage, you have - as the organiser - the safety responsibility. The best way in which to ensure the safety is by making detailed safety instructions.

Proceed to our page on school and recreational sailing, where you can read much more about the regulations on recreational sailing.

Retrieve the SejlSikkert App

Did you know that there is also an App for you as a yachtsman? You can retrieve the App "SejlSikkert" for iPhone and Android, where you can, inter alia, see prognoses for the wind and current and other navigational warnings that might be of relevance to you before setting to sea.