Training programmes and personal certificates

When you perform activities at sea, it may be an advantage to attend different types of training programmes and acquire the relevant certificates. Some training programmes and certificates are mandatory, while others are voluntary. The Danish Maritime Authority urges everybody - irrespective of background - to familiarize themselves with the regulations on training programmes and certificates for yachtsmen.

On the underlying pages, you can for example become wiser as regards when it is mandatory to acquire a personal watercraft certificate and a powerboat certificate. In addition, you will find the regulations on the yacht master training programme, certificates of proficiency and canal certificates.

Finally, you can find information about how to apply for the relevant training programmes and certificates.​

Personal watercraft certificate

You must hold a certificate for operators of personal watercraft when operating personal watercraft or using jet skis.

Power boat license

When are you required to have a power boat license? Get an answer to this and other questions about power boats. 

Test for certificate of competency

Learn about the regulations for preventing collisions at sea, navigation and maritime safety with certificate of competency for yachtsmen. 

Yacht master training programmes

Yachtmasters in Denmark must have completed the yacht masters exam. Read more about the training program and the exam requirements. 

SRC certificate

In order to acquire an SRC certificate you must pass an SRC test. On this page you can read more about this. 

Canal certificates

When you nevigate rivers and canal you must hold a canal certificate. Read more about ​​​canal certificates on European rivers and canals here 

Approved providers of tests for yachtsmen

Read about the requirements on yachstmen, sailing schools, and the holdings of tests for yachtsmen's certificates.

Issue of certificates

Find all the information you need when applying for a cetificate and apply from this page.