Personal watercraft certificate

You must hold a certificate for operators of personal watercraft when operating personal watercraft or using jet skis.

he regulations always apply to you as a user no matter whether you own or hire the personal watercraft/jet skis.

The personal watercraft certificate ensures that the operator of the boat has basic knowledge about navigation and the functioning of the watercraft.

Be aware that all personal watercrafts and speedboats must be covered by liability insurance, read more about this requirement​​.

How to qualify for a personal watercraft certificate​?

You acquire the personal watercraft certificate by completing a test.
At the test, you are inter alia required to demonstrate knowle​dge about the regulations for preventing collisions at sea, demonstrate operation at various speeds, including steering and manoeuvring during acceleration and at high and low speed, the test is also intended to promote safe behaviour and continuous risk assessment during the voyage.​

Persons attending a personal watercraft test must be 16 years or older.

If You already hold a yacthsman certificate​, in example a powerboat license, You are only required to pass the practical part of the test, in order to qualify for a personal watercraft​ certificate.

Personal watercraft tests

Personal watercraft tests are arranged by approved providers.

Therefore, yachtsmen must contact a local provider to register for a personal watercraft tests​.
Sail clubs, schools and the like can arrange tests through approved providers.

A list of approved providers is available here​.

Questions about personal watercraft certificates, education and training should be directed to the approved providers.

Issue of personal watercraft certificate

Approved providers issue personal watercraft certificates once the personal watercraft test has been passed.

Lost certificate​

If you have lost your personal watercraft certificate, you can request a new one from the approved provider.

​Operation of personal watercrafts or jet skis

You can read more about the rules when operating personal watercrafts or jet skis here.


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