Power boat license

​​​​​​​Do you have a power boat, or do you intend to buy one? In many cases, you are required to have a power boat license to sail a motor-driven boat and with a power boat license you will be prepared to navigate safely and correctly.

The power boat license ensures that the operator of the boat has basic knowledge about navigation and the functioning, design and equipment of the boat.

Be aware that all personal watercrafts and speedboats must be covered by liability insurance, read more about this requirement​​.​​

Here you can attend teaching​

You can for example attend teaching in sailing clubs or through the adult education associations AOF, LOF and FOF. So contact a course provider in your local area and register for the teaching offered.

You acquire the power boat license by completing a test. At the test, you are inter alia required to demonstrate knowle​dge about the regulations for preventing collisions at sea, the general use of knots and bends, safety equipment and life-saving appliances. All of which is useful knowledge when you are to sail a power boat safely and attend to safety in an optimum manner.

Persons attending a power boat license test must be 16 years or older.

Power boat tests

Power boat tests are arranged by approved providers.

Therefore, yachtsmen must contact a local provider to register for a power boat test. Sail clubs, schools and the like can arrange tests through approved providers.

A list of approved providers is available here.

Questions about power boat licenses and education and training should be directed to the approved providers.

Issue of power boat licenses

Approved providers issue power boat licenses once the power boat test has been passed.

Lost certificate

If you have lost your power boat license, you can request a new one from the approved provider.

If your certificate has been issued by the Danish Maritime Authority, you can request a re-issue of your certificate for yachtsmen here.

Are you in doubt whether you need a power boat license?

You must have a power boat license if:

  • Your boat is planing 
  • Is less than 4 metres with a power output of 19kW or more.
  • Is between 4 and 15 meters, please use the function below to calculate whether you need a power boat license.
Remember to choose whether the units are feet / meters or HK / kW.

Power boat license

Enter engine power and length to find out if the boat requires a speedboat certificate

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