Test for certificate of competency

​​Do you have a recreational craft or do you intend to buy one? Then it is a good idea to sit for a test for a certificate of competency. It will enable you to sail safely and give you knowledge about how to attend to safety on board your recreational craft.

If you complete a test for a certificate of competency, you will get full information about safety at sea. At the same time, you will acquire the basic competences necessary to manoeuvre most recreational craft safely. Furthermore, a certificate of competency will entitle you to operate a power boat.

The test consists of a practical test, where your demonstrate your ability to manoeuvre a boat in port and at sea. If you choose to take the test in a sail boat, you must demonstrate your ability to operate the boat under various wind directions. Much focus will be on maritime safety so you must, inter alia, also demonstrate your ability to make a rescue manoeuvre with the boat.

The test also consists of a theoretical part, where you must demonstrate your knowledge of, inter alia, the regulations for preventing collisions at sea, aids to navigation and navigation in general.

Once you have pas​sed both parts of the test, you can be issued with a certificate of competency for yachtsmen.

Approved providers arrange tests for certificates of competency.

Therefore, yachtsmen must contact an approved provider to register for a test for a certificate of competency. Sail clubs, schools and the like can arrange tests through approved providers.

You can find a list of approved providers here.

Questions related to tests for certificates of competency and education and training must be directed to the approved providers.

Approved providers issue certificates of competency once the test has been passed.

If you have lost your certificate of competency, you can request a new certificate here.​


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