Education and seagoing service from the navy

Employees in the Royal Danish Navy can serve in merchant ships as ordinary ship's assistant or able ship's assistant or as Mate with a Master (Hometrade) exam.

The Royal Danish Navy's Basic Training includes the basic safety training, which is also known from the STCW Convention, including general training in seamanship. The education can be equated with the ship assistant education (ordinary ship's assistant) by supplementing the basic education with service in the Navy's units corresponding to 100 days at sea, which is the term the Navy uses for seagoing service.

Sea days must be earned in ships belonging to the Navy with a gross tonnage of over 20.

You can document your seagoing service in different ways:

  • Copy of discharge book
  • Record of seagoing service

The record of seagoing service must contain a printout of "effective seagoing service" stating the type of ship. It must be signed by the master or captain.

Read more about seagoing service.

Earning of seagoing service for a higher certificate of competency must follow the applicable provisions in the order on qualification requirements for seafarers and fishermen and on certificates of competency and certificates of proficiency.

To obtain a certificate of proficience as an ordinary ship's assistant, you must:

  • have completed Basic Training from the Navy
  • document 100 sea days in vessels belonging to the Navy
  • have Basic Safety Training and course in fire-fighting in ships within the last 5 years STCW A VI/1-1 og 1-2
  • have valid health certificate for seafarers and fishermen (fit for look-out duties) - Health certificate from the Navy can be exchanged for a health certificate for seafarers and fishermen with DMA
  • have watchkeeping certificate. (This is not a requirement, but if desired, it must be applied for together with the application for the ordinary ship's assistant)

Apply here for certificate of proficiency as ordinary ship's assistant

To obtain a certificate of proficiency as able ship's assistent you need to contact a maritime school.

List of maritime schools

To be admitted to a school, you must meet the following requirements:

  • fulfill the requirements as ordinary ship's assistant
  • have completed the final module for ship's assistants or the ship's assistant training programme for persons holding a certificate of apprenticeship,
  • have obtained 360 sea days, and
  • have a valid watchkeeping certificate.

Certificate of proficiency as able ship's assistant and watchkeeping certificate will be issued by the maritime school after completed final module.

To obtain a Certificate of Competency as Mate 4th class you must:

After you have passed the exam, you can apply for the Certificate of Competency the Danish Maritime Authority website.


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