Annual fees

An annual fee is payable for ships registered in a Danish ship register. The fee helps finance the authorities’ tasks and services related to ships flying the Danish flag.

All ship owners must report any changes to the data on the ship and the owner registered with the Register of Shipping within 30 days.

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The fee does not apply to ships whose port of registry is in Greenland – and whose owner is resident in or has its registered office in Greenland.

Ships which are worthy of preservation and listed by the Danish Ships Preservation Trust are exempt from paying the fee: List of ships worthy of preservation.

The fee is collected from the registered owner of the ship via e-Boks. The fee is charged annually and usually in the second half of March.

The fee must be paid within 30 days.

The fee covers the period from 1 March to 28/29 February. For ships registered on 1 March, you must pay the full fee for the coming period. However, if you apply to have your ship deleted from the register by the end of August and the ship is deleted, half of the current fee will be refunded. Please note that ships against which mortgages or other encumbrances are registered cannot be deleted from the register until the mortgages or encumbrances have been removed.

If you sell or otherwise transfer your ship during a fee period and the ship remains registered, the new owner must pay the fee for the coming fee periods. Naturally, you may agree to split the fee, but the person registered as owner as of 1 March is the person required by law to pay the fee.

If the ship is lost, scrapped or the like, the duty to pay the fee will cease, but remember to report the change to the Register of Shipping. Normally, you can get a refund of any fee already paid, calculated from the time when the ship ceased to exist or when a court of law  has granted permission for cancellation of a lost mortgage document preventing the immediate deletion of the ship.

The amount of the fee depends on the gross tonnage and use of the ship:

​Under 30 GT (merchant ships and fishing vessels) ​DKK 300
​Under 20 GT ​DKK 800
​20-500 GT ​DKK 1,600
​Over 500 GT ​DKK 2,400

In case of late payment, you will receive a reminder and a reminder fee will be charged. If you do not pay the fee by the due date, the case will be referred to the Danish Debt Collection Agency, which charges an additional collection fee. 

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