Deleting a ship

​Below, you can read about the different reasons why a registered ship must/can be deleted from a Danish ship register:

A ship must always be free and clear of all mortgages if requested to be deleted from a Danish ship register.

Alternatively, the mortgagees must consent in writing to the deletion of the ship including mortgages, or it must be proved that the mortgage interest has been discharged.

If the ship is not free and clear of all mortgages, you will be asked to dispose of the mortgages.

In case of registration of the levy of execution against or other interests in the ship, the Register of Shipping will contact the interest holders. They will then have 30 days within which to consent to the deletion of the ship, or to object to such deletion on the grounds of having taken legal steps.

The ship may not be deleted until after the 30-day period or after receipt of consent to deletion from all interest holders.

If an interest holder states that legal steps have been taken for enforcing their rights, deletion cannot usually be effected until the enforcement proceedings have been concluded.

Please note that no mortgages or other interests may be registered against ships in the Boat Register. Deletion from this register is therefore simpler.

You can see any mortgages or interests currently registered against your ship under ‘Search the ship registers’

The ship is sold to a non-Danish owner

  • If a ship is sold to a non-Danish owner, the ship must be deleted. To do so, you must complete and submit form S4 (Deletion of ship on transfer to non-Danish owner). The form must be signed by the seller and a copy of the Bill of Sale or the contract transferring the ship to the foreign owner must be submitted. Note, however, that if the new foreign owner so requests and otherwise satisfies the conditions, the ship may remain in a Danish register and in that case will not have to be deleted.

The ship is lost

  • The ship may not be deleted until after the registered mortgage interests have been removed or after consent to removal of the registered mortgage interests has been provided by the registered interest holder. You must send form S5 (Deletion of ship due to loss). As documentation of the course of events, which must be described in the form under [‘oplysninger om forlis’], please attach documentation such as newspaper articles, police reports or photos. The documentation should clearly identify the ship and the course of events.

The ship has been scrapped

If your ship is registered in the Boat Register, it must be deleted if it is no longer used for commercial purposes. Simply send an e-mail to, advising that the ship is no longer used for commercial purposes. Because the ship is no longer used for commercial purposes, it can no longer be registered in the Boat Register and will be deleted.

A ship in the Shipbuilding Register must either be deleted or transferred to another Danish ship register on delivery from the shipyard. At the time of delivery, the shipyard issues a Builder’s Certificate for the ship, documenting that the construction of the ship has been completed and that the ship can no longer be registered in the Shipbuilding Register.

Furthermore, the ship will be deleted from the Shipbuilding Register if it is lost during construction. This must be reported to the Register of Shipping, for example using form S5 completed according to the circumstances.

Since 1 March 2018, only ships of less than 20 GT used for commercial purposes can be registered in the Register of Shipping.

This means that pleasure craft of less than 20 GT already registered have been deleted from the Register of Shipping if they were unencumbered. The Register of Shipping will delete the ship, and you do not have to do anything, but will be notified.

Ships with foreign owners

  • A ship may be deleted upon written request by the owner. If the owner is a legal person, the request must be signed by the authorised officers. The request must be submitted in original.

Ships with Danish owners

  • A ship may be deleted from a Danish register if the ship is still administered, directed and controlled from Denmark, no matter what country’s ship register it is transferred to.

Deletion may also be effected if the ship is admitted to a register of another EU/EEA country and operated from that country, or the owner has genuine ties to the EU/EEA country concerned. There is no requirement for administration, etc. to take place from Denmark.

To delete a ship in this situation, you must submit the following form:

'Declaration in case of a Danish owner's registration of a ship under a foreign flag'