Power of attorney - Register of Shipping

​All documents submitted to the Register of Shipping for registration must be signed by the person entitled to act (sign) in relation to the interest which the document concerns, for example ownership interests (e.g. Builder’s Certificate, Bill of Sale), mortgages, restrictions, application forms, etc.

If you are unable to sign a document yourself, you, as principal, may create a power of attorney for another natural or legal person (agent) who can sign on your behalf.

If you use a power of attorney, you must always present the original document to the Register of Shipping.

You can always withdraw a power of attorney before registration is effected. You withdraw a power of attorney by letter or secure e-mail from the principal’s e-Boks to the e-Boks of the Register of Shipping.  If you are going to withdraw a power of attorney, you should call the Register of Shipping immediately (at tel. +45 72 19 60 00) and tell us that the power of attorney will be withdrawn.

The Register of Shipping has prepared a standard power of attorney (in Danish), but you can also choose to create one yourself. If you create the power of attorney yourself, it must contain the following details:

  • The principal’s name, address, date of birth, civil reg. (CPR) number/Central Business Register (CVR) number, or for foreign citizens or companies their passport or ID number/company number in their country of origin
  • The ship(s) to which the registration relates must be identified, stating their distinctive number or letters and their names. In powers of attorney concerning ships not yet registered and which have no distinctive number or letters, the ship may be identified using its IMO number or year of construction, build number and name of builder provided that these particulars are confirmed elsewhere, for example in the ship’s Tonnage Certificate issued by an authorised measurer
  • The transactions for which the power of attorney is granted must be specified
  • The power of attorney should include an expiration date and, if applicable, the maximum or minimum value of the transaction in a specified currency
  • Certification of the signatory’s identity and legal capacity and the date of signing either by two attesting witnesses (without any personal financial interest in the transaction as is usually the case with a spouse or cohabitant of the signatory or parties to the agreement), a Danish authorised lawyer or a notary public. If the principal is a company, the power of attorney must be issued in accordance with the company’s signing authority rules, which can be documented either by a transcript from the company register (only for EU/EEA countries and provided that the transcript contains information on the company’s signing authority rules and authorised officers) or a notary public’s explicit attestation of the signatory’s authority to sign on behalf of the issuing company.

General powers of attorney and powers of attorney with no expiration date may be used, but the Register of Shipping recommends that such powers of attorney are not older than three years and that powers of attorney issued by companies reflect the companies’ current signing authority situation. Powers of attorney issued by joint owners of jointly owned shipping companies with multiple joint owners will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.