FAQ for persons in charge of medical care

​​​​​​​​​​​The Centre for Maritime Health Service is a knowledge centre for maritime-medico issues. Below, you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

​Questions about courses and certificates

If a certificate has expired, your competences will have to be assessed on an individual basis so that we can decide which course to offer you. We need the following information:

What you have done in your maritime life since you last attended a course. Which job functions you have had. Which other relevant courses you have completed, such as first aid, Opito, etc.

Send an email containing the information above to cms@dma.dk, and we will consider your case as quickly as possible.

​​​The course is mandatory and is, therefore, in general offered free of charge to Danish and EU citizens. 

Additional information is available under regulations on the registration for and cancellation of courses.​​​​​

Our courses are available here: 

​It is easy to register for our courses digitally. Book in advance to ensure a seat on the courses. Fill in the form under "Request for course registration"

Later this year, the DMA will present a Seafarers-package, where the medical certificate should be represented.

Questions about medicine chests

The supply of medicine to Danish ships must be as prescribed in the Inventory. If a preparation cannot be acquired, you must apply for an exemption.

See list of approved alternatives

​General questions to the Centre for Maritime Health Service

​​The date of expiry is intended to ensure that the cylinders contain oxygen at any time. Irrespective of the type of gas that has been compressed, valve systems will always have a rate of leakage, and the date of expiry is intended to account for this. Though it is found at the quarterly inspection that the cylinders contain oxygen, they must be replaced in accordance with the date of expiry. The requirement for ships and shipowners has been introduced in addition to the requirements for suppliers of the medical oxygen.

Read more about the requirements made by the Danish Medicines Agency in order no. 1318 of 27 November 2007 (only available in Danish).​​​

We strive to publicate everything in English for everytime we update or bring new publications. 


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