International conventions

A number of the most important regulations applicable to Danish ships and seafarers emanate from international conventions adopted by the IMO.

From international convention to Danish legislation

The most important IMO 'product' is the various international conventions negotiated, adopted and ratified by the Member States. Supplementing and elaborating on the conventions, the IMO has also adopted a number of 'codes', typically dealing with a specific technical area.

When Denmark has ratified a convention and it has entered into force, the Danish authorities are responsible for enforcing it, i.e. ensuring that Danish ships meet the requirements of the conventions.

Conventions normally enter into force once a sufficient number of IMO Member States have ratified them. In practice, this number is often defined on the basis of the total tonnage of the ratifying countries. A status on the level of ratification of the various conventions is available from the IMO webpage.

See status on the ratification of the conventions on the IMO webpage

When Denmark ratifies IMO regulation, it is subsequently transposed into Danish law. In some cases, the EU transposes EU regulation into EU directives and regulations, which are then implemented at national level in the individual legislative works of the EU Member States.​

See a complete list of conventions on the IMO webpage

Hvor finder jeg IMO-reglerne?

En del af IMO's udgifter dækkes af salg af konventioner og koder. Teksterne er derfor beskyttet af IMO's ophavsret og skal købes hos organisationen. Det kan man gøre her:


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