List of completed Flagships (PA Safe)

  • Vessel Triage

    • Lead partner: Finnish Coast Guard, Finland
    • Contact: Petteri Leppänen -
    • Finalised: 2017​
  • MONA LISA 2.0 
    • Lead Partner: Swedish Maritime Administration, Sweden
    • Contact: Magnus Sundström -
    • Finalised: December 2015 
  • Conduct a technical feasibility study on a Baltic Sea Coastguard Network – Baltic Sea Maritime Functionalities Network – BSMF  
    • Lead Partner: Finnish Border Guard, Finland 
    • Contact: The Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat –
    • Finalised: December 2011 

In the Annex of Flagships of the EUSBSR you will find a more detailed description of the Flagships.​​


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